Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy 2014!

Hi all!

As you can see, my blog's had a slight makeover.  Apart from the colour scheme, there's also now a tab called "doilies", which is old stuff I've completed previously.

These are from my old homepage (, which unfortunately will be defunct in a week or so, as vicnet is dropping their free webhosting for personal/hobby pages. (Waaaah!)

So I'll be adding a few new tabs here to hold all my old stuff.  Still got snowflakes, hankies and shuttles to go...... May take a while.

So what did I get finished in 2013?? Not a lot.  But here's a couple I forgot to show you.  These were my entries for the 2013 Royal Melbourne Show.  I got a "commended" for one of them, but can't remember which one.
"Doily XIV" from "Tatted Treasures" by Jan Stawasz

"Doily Set" from "Tatting Theory and Patterns" by Jan Stawasz

So sad that Jan has now passed away, his books will become tatting classics I'm sure.

So now to pick what to finish for this year's show...... =)

Have a great year!

~ Cas.


  1. Great way to start the New year with beautiful tatting! Great Work!

  2. Love your doily and mat!!! :) I've also done the one by Jan Stawasz. Your work is exquisite!