These are items I've finished in the past.... Details of patterns given where I can remember them!

 The "Ring-a-Rose" doily (pattern by Muriel Arnold)
This is size 40 DMC cordonnet special.  Originally published in the "Australian Women's Mirror", 20 October 1931.  However I got this from the  Australian Lace Guild publication "Australian Lace" - Autumn 2003, in an article by Judith Connors on early Australian tatters (Muriel being one of them).

My "Green Celtic" doily I entered in the 2005 Royal Show
It's a variation on the red and cream celtic doily on this page.  Got a "highly commended" for it.

My blue and white version of Debbie Arnold's "Purple and Teal Doily".
My other entry for the 2005 royal show.    The pattern can be found at Managed a "Very Highly Commended" for this one.

The Oval Heart doily from Georgia Seitz's "Tatting on the edge...And beyond". 
Norma Benporath pattern
Norma Benporath pattern
Two versions of a Norma Benporath pattern I got from a NSW Tatter's guild newsletter. The top one is in size 20 white "AIDA" cotton, and size 20 Manuela 204. The bottom one is in size 30 DMC Cebelia, white and 747.

Two versions of "Masquerade" from Mary Konior's "Tatting with Visual patterns". Size 20 AIDA 

The pattern is the "Occasional Doily" on page 13 of "Tatting Doilies and Edgings" edited by Rita Weiss. 

These doilies are the same pattern, in slightly different cottons, done 10 years apart.  Amazing what a bit of practice will do, eh?  =)  Incidentally, it's also in the Paragon Tatting book 112 ( more like a pamphlet )- "New Modern Tatting Designs". The top one is one of the first doilies I ever tried, in size 20 Coats cotton ( I think ).  The bottom one I did about 10 years later, in size 40 DMC ecru.

This is the forerunner to the Green Celtic doily further up the page.  Changing the colours as well as interweaving things differently gives yet another effect.

 The "large centrepiece" from "Tatting with Anne Orr". 
I won the tatting section at the Melbourne Royal Show in 2004, for the 2nd time. (Last time was 2002.)  I'm extra pleased with this one as it also won the "best lace on display".  Considering bobbin lace usually wins this, I was pretty chuffed.  =)   I found a reprinted pattern for this in "Old Time Crochet", but it seemed to take another deliberate "mistake" on top of that to get it to work. Anyway, finally did it, so that's one elaborate pattern off my "to do before my wrists seize up completely" list.  =) It's in size 60 DMC cordonnet special.

The "Mystery Doily" on Georgia Seitz's website -
This was my other entry for the 2004 show.  Unfortunately, it didn't even place.  I used a slightly different stitch count though... 3ds between picots on the rings, 3ds for chains between the rings, but 5ds-p-5ds for the more lengthy chains.  Hint - using reverse tatting on the short chains makes this MUCH less tedious!  =) I did it in Altin Basak size 50.  It's variegated white, green and orange.  Somewhat psychedelic =)

This is "Mat C" from "Practical Tatting" by Phyllis Sparks.
  This one's done in size 20 Coats Mercer.

"Round Medallion 150" from "Tatting - a Potpourri of Patterns" from Handy Hands (Barbara Foster).  Republication of older books.
 The thread is a dye experiment with some size 40 DMC Cebelia.

Large "Round Doily" from "Tatting with Anne Orr"
My first prize winning entry in the Royal Melbourne Show 2002!  Size 100 Coats Mercer crochet cotton.

"Flower piece"  This is from "Tatting with Visual Patterns" by Mary Konior.  ( Size 12 DMC perle - ecru )

"Marguerite" from Judith Connors' "Creative tatting with beads, shuttle and needle".   DMC special dentelles#3747(?? lost the tag! )

Mary Konior's "Glassmat " pattern. Size 20 Coats, colour 893-E 

"Sunburst" from "The Tatters Treasure Chest" - edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep Size 20 Coats variegated yellow

Based on the "Siobhan" doily from "Creative Tatting with beads, shuttle and needle" by Judith Connors.  Would have been the whole thing, until I realised I didn't have enough thread.  D'oh! Size 20 Manuela 204.

"Distinctive Doily" out of one of the Dover books ( can't remember the name ) 

From Rosmarie Peel's Tatting Basket site.. It used to be at , but it's now another dead link. Did this one for a friend who (a) thought it would look great under one of his dragon statuettes, and (b) didn't want it too frilly.  Hence not a lot of picots.   =)

"Chrysanthemum" pattern on page 59 of "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. 

Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced the pattern for this one.... but it's either from a Rita Weiss edited book or an Ann Orr.  This was an experiment with size 100 cotton.

Mary Konior again.... This one's "Carnival" on page 48.  It's done in size 12 DMC perle cotton, white and no.932.lte

"Sunflower" pattern from "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Gun Blomquist and Elwy Persson


  1. I used the Wayback Machine to find the one with the lost link from Rosmarie Peel's Tatting Basket.

  2. Debbie I need help! I know or thought I had the pattern for the Purple and Teal Square Doily, but now I can't find it. I have been searching for 3 days now. Is there still somewhere I can find it? I'm going down to my brothers on Tuesday and I want this to work on while I am there. Help..and thanks!

    1. The link is listed above under the 3rd doily.

  3. Just to let you know that I have found it. You can just delete my request. I'm very happy now..!!!