Friday, 5 February 2010

To inifinity and beyond!!

....Well, just over the edge of the table, really. =)

Hi All!

I've started cycling through UFOs..... I have an abundance of hankies that have stalled in the final stages.... The tatting's not the problem it's the attaching!

I know there's other ways than stitching, but it gives an effect I like. But I really hate doing it...
Anyway, here's first cab off the rank. It's a combination of black size 80 DMC special dentelles, and something that might be some pretty ancient J&P coats ( I can't remember and the cardboard doodad has fallen out.)The edging's hardly even a pattern, its meant to be plain and sturdy, as this will be an "everyday" hankie (i.e. must survive the washing machine every week.) I just like the match of colours between the hankie and the J&P thread. Only put the black chain in as I didn't want multicoloured picots attaching to the black cloth....

I'm also putting in a pic of my latest useful toy.... Not sure what it's really called, I got it in an chemist shop's pre-xmas cleanout.... I just call it the 'globe magnifier', and it's very useful when trying to pick up doing a piece from 6 months ago for which you didin't write down the stitch count (or can't relocate the pattern).... =)

Well, Tigger the tat cat has moved in for the evening, so I guess I'd better oblige him by doing some tatting. =)

Happy tatting!


  1. Nice contrast between the tatting and the black edging on the hankie.

    What do you do with the hankies when you've finished them? Do you give them away or do you use them yourself?

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    All of the above.... I do some as presents, some for myself to use, and I have some that I can't bring myself to use, so I lend them to the guild for their displays at demo's when the theme is right....
    Happy tatting,
    Cas. =)

  3. Your hanky is stunning! And I am enthralled with the globe magnifier. Fascinating stuff.

    FYI, if you upload your photos so that the file size is 500KB or bigger, blogger will automatically add clickable image code so that nosey folks like me can look at a larger image and see more detail(s) close up.

  4. Thanks for that Isdihara! Here was me trying to be gentle on using up space.... Big pics here I come!
    Good timing, I'm trying to shape up for another post at the moment.... =)
    Happy tatting,
    Cas. =)